March 4, 2016 Y O

Interview: DJ Semtex

Not only are we big fans of Semtex as a DJ and presenter, we have massive respect for him as a pioneer of Hip-Hop music and Culture. We spoke to Semtex about music, trainers and what he has in store for Laces Out!

LO: When and how did your “relationship” with trainers begin?
S: Clarks used to make a super hero range of sneakers back in the day, I was 8 years old and had the Batman and Superman editions with velcro straps. They were maaaaad cool at the time.
If they dropped today the kids wouldn’t get a look in because of the resellers.
LO: Hip-Hop and sneaker culture seem to go hand in hand. Why do you think that is?
S: Fashion is a big part of the Hip-Hop lifestyle for a number of reasons, the very essence of the culture flips the norm, it challenges mediocrity. 
Society said you should wear shoes. Hip-Hop says ‘’Fuck that, wear sneakers, take the laces out swap them for fat laces, let the tongues show, give me the hot shit that stands out, give me something that works with my lifestyle. Fuck the expensive shit, lets flip these Nikes, Pumas, and Reeboks.’ Going back to the origins, the core elements of Graff and B-Boying demanded that you wear kicks that were versatile. If you were running from the police or breaking, slip ons and loafers weren’t cutting it. Hip-Hop has evolved over the years, people arent painting or b-boying like they used to, but the aesthetic has remained the same.   
LO: What can we expect from your set at Laces Out! in March?
I give the people what they want. Nothing but the best music across all eras and styles.

Semtex will be DJing at Laces Out! SS16, as well as hosting a panel and Q&A will Bobbito Garcia.

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